First Responder Bonus Cash

First Responder Appreciation Program

Ford Motor Company is grateful to you for your honorable service to our country and would like to salute those who serve. That's why we're proud to offer you and your families a First Responder Bonus Cash Offer. Visit Yankee Ford today for more information.

·        First Responder Appreciation Bonus Cash of $500 

Details -

Ford's First Responder Appreciation Program 

·         Thru: January 2, 2020,  Eligible First Responders recieve $500 Bonus Cash toward the purchase or lease of an eligible Ford vehicle. 

911 Dispatchers

             NEW! 911 Dispatchers are now eligible!

•             Purchase date of the vehicle must

•             be on or after August 30, 2018.


•             Police Officer

•             Sheriff/Sheriff's Deputy

•             Correctional Officer

•             State Trooper

•             Federal Law Enforcement Officer

•             (Example: Department of Public Safety, Central Intelligence Agency; please 

               note that not all Federal Law Enforcement Officers qualify for the program.)

Fire Department

•             Career Firefighter

•             Volunteer Firefighter


•             EMT

•             Paramedic

If you meet these criteria, we invite you to take advantage of the Ford First Responder Program

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